Sunday, February 17, 2008

Setting up shop

A full five months after I thought I might, I've started setting up the etsy shop. I had a great dyeing set-up (outdoors) with Angela at her house, and I was more than a little afraid to do it in my rental house. I finally said, "WTF?" and just tried it. So far, so good. I seem to have a system that isn't too messy. Only four skeins so far (two are drying), but I had a good time on Sunday. I forgot how much of a nice groove it is. One dry skein is called Spring.

spring with label

And the other is called Winter Sky. This is the label-less version. I love dark, dark colors so I kept adding more and, of course, after a certain point, it didn't get any darker. The dark sections are really dark, though. Yea!

winter sky

We had some fun at the Eno today. The kids were in the very cold river, barefooted. People walking by looked shocked, but none of us cared. They were having a great time.

other side of eno

The children were not thrilled that I made them carry their own jackets, shoes, and socks on the way back.

hobos on bridge

The good news: they survived, they're tired. We're starting a new book and then they are off to bed! And I get to dye some more!

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