Monday, February 25, 2008

More dyeing

I was working on dyeing some on Friday night and part of Saturday and I did some gradated jonquil, fuschia, and greens.




I really love gradated colors when I'm spinning. I keep coming across new color combinations that I think, "Oh, I'd like a pair of socks in THAT!" Right now I've got a pot on the stove, some 64 count merino soaking, and am just waiting for that magical moment of temperature to start some blue roving. I've ordered some more that is on the way, so I'll have lots to do for a while.

I finished the first sock of the second "smitten" yarn. It looks great! I try and upload it to Flikr and it stalls out - not sure why - I've tried resizing the picture and fiddling with options and there's no difference. Maybe the sock doesn't want to be seen by itself. The second is only about 10% done; it may be a while until the photoshoot.

I'm reading Haven Kimmel's new novel "The Used World." I like it, but then I like her writing a lot. I find her fiction and non-fiction equally funny, heart-breaking, and riveting. I'm so glad she moved to Durham, the mere thought that I could run into her on the street or in a store makes me happy.

Off to check the roving!

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