Friday, December 31, 2010

Gratuitous Tiger-Cato shot

We've been letting Tiger-Cato outside these days. He doesn't stay out for more than an hour or so at a time (except for that one night when he got stuck up in a not very high tree), but he has a very interesting way of letting me know he wants to come back inside. This move cracks Chicky up, she's usually laughing so hard she can't open the door!

in, please

It was just she and I this morning so we had lovely Custardy Popovers for brunch. I was in the mood for savory so I had mine with sausage and sharp cheddar cheese, she was in the mood for sweet and had lemon curd. To each his own! (I got to use my "new" cast iron muffin tin too. The extra batter had to go in a ramekin, which is also fine.) They were delicious!

custardy popovers

After a week of seeing snow on the ground, it's almost gone now. It was nice while it lasted!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back in action

After a lovely week of r & r at the beach, I'm back and ready for action! All the animals (well, not the guinea pigs and snake) and had a restful time as well. See? Proof.

happy animals

Button didn't make a sofa appearance. He was hanging out in a plant.


I've done a little knitting (literally). I love these little guys. I found some of my first hand spun ever and used that. I made a couple more and gave them as wee gifts.


Made a scarf for Mollie, too.

mollie's new scarf

I've got a couple other projects on the needles, but not worth a photo at this point. While I was on my vacation I've found a couple good things to put in Vintage Black Ethel! More yellow ware and a fabulous old lunch carrier (tiffin). I've had a couple other good finds for my own personal use, I'm going to photograph them soon.

Today's chores include a stout cake, more cleaning, and some knitting.