Monday, April 09, 2007

Back to the yarn

I finished, well except for a lot of weaving in of ends, the Nordic Lights capelet. Lesson learned: when you read the circumference don't forget to take into account your arms. I read 44" and only thought about those pesky bumps on the female form, not about including my arms. Sigh. It's too tight. This will be for a lovely young adult woman (like the one in the picture of the book) and not some middle-aged woman with flabby arms.

nordic lights finished

While de-yarning my house for my parents visit, I found some roving my children dyed and got out the spinning wheel. It's been so long I had a little hitch trying to remember how to do it. It is only 62 yards, to it will have to be some accent for something, but it's inspired me to spin some more today.

small skein

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aaww, aren't they cute?

We took our first outing of the season to Duke Gardens earlier this week. The wisteria, the tulips, dogwoods, and budding willow were familiar friends. The thorough dusting of pollen obscured the view of the goldfish pond completely. The children met some friends there and had a great time. I made them sit for this, and as you can see, Morgan could barely contain his need to be goofy.

cutest people

Here's a close-up of one of the lovely fringy tulips that is featured in the step garden right now. Well, it was earlier this week, we'll see what happens next week after the frost (and freakin' SNOW) that happened last night.

purple tulip


I'm using the holiday weekend to try and get my small (cozy?) house in order for the visit of my parents. They will be here for the boys' birthday next week. The boys will be ten and it's the first time my dad and step-mom will be here for the event. They live in Grand Marais, MN so it's perfectly understandable. We're all very excited, but I need to clean, stuff a bunch of shit in the attic, and hide the yarn that's all over my house. I have to admit, I can't bear to put the yarn in the attic. Even for a week. It feels like I'm shunning it. Sigh.