Saturday, March 17, 2007

Little things

I am doing my standard Saturday night thing and listening to A Prairie Home Companion. I am often appreciative of the guests on that show. Right now, Bob Dorough is playing. Don't know who that is? I bet you do, my generation grew up to his voice singing Schoolhouse Rock songs on Saturday mornings between cartoons. He's a great pianist, and he looks nothing like he sounds (to me). Here's the link to his website, for the curious: (you'll have to select and paste, sorry) And for your listening pleasure, Pat Donohue, the self-taught finger-picking guitar player. I like his songs, all of them. His. guitar playing holds me rapt.

There hasn't been much knitting this week, too tired. There are two socks (not matching, of course) and another three pair in the wings. I got my hands on two different Priscilla Gibson-Roberts patterns, both challenging, but I've promised myself to wait until I'm finished with the two already started. I'm also a little scared by them, they both look kind of hard. The kind of socks that you're proud you finished the first on, but the chance of making a second one look just like it is daunting.

Eowyn was barking, so I went out to fetch her and I find myself talking to her. Not like normal "dog" talk, but more like "I have no idea what you've been barking about all day, but I don't see a thing." What if the neighbors saw that? Oh, well, that's just how it goes.

Off to fold more laundry! (That is a need exclamation point, because I'm not feelin' it.)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

How funky is your chicken?

funky chicken close-up

I've had fun making felted chickens this weekend. I was sort of worried about having enough yarn for this dude, so I didn't space the increases and well, he's rather odd. I really like his beady little eyes, though. Here he is in all his glory (you can't see his tuft of tail feathers).

funky felted chick

There is also a flat chicken, meant to be hung up for the holidays, I suppose. It also has a tufted tail. Both birds will have buttons of some sort on their bellys sometime in the near future.

Flat felted chicken

The pattern is from Toving, the yarn is fritidsgarn, and there are no US equivalent needle size so I did them with a US size 9. The next ones will be happening on a size 7.

Chicky claimed the round guy, and Morgan has the flat chicken. Bowen gets to choose from the next round.