Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So much knitting, so little time.

It's kind of depressing to look at your WIPs on Ravelry and see how long projects have been lingering on the needles. Well, it's depressing for ME to realize it anyway. In particular, I've started on a pair of leg warmers (for me)

Leg warmer

and new gauntlets,

New gauntlet

while finding this

Giant cowl progress

and this


in my favorite knitting bag. That's a lot of knitting work to do! Yesterday was not a particularly good day for me, so I watched quite a bit of Netflix and TEDtalks while knitting the Stockholm Scarf (aka the giant cowl). Progress has slowed on the gauntlet as I've misplaced one of the needles. I'm sure it will turn up, it's just not in any of the regular places needles hide in the house. If the kitty cat found it and was playing with it, it may be long gone!

Since it's a lovely afternoon and no one is burning any leaves (yet!) I think I'll go and knit in the sun. Natural vitamin D may be just the cure for what ails me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another FO

I finally finished Chicky's bunny slippers! The pattern hopsalot is by Tinyowlknits - her patterns are on Ravelry, Etsy, and her own website. Lots of fun patterns, please check her out.

The other exciting thing got delivered in the mail - a flitchy for processing debit and credit cards on my phone! How cool is that?

Stocking the store!

Last week kind of got away from me and absolutely nothing got listed in the Etsy shop. The interwebs and Etsy were being a bit slow this morning, but after three hours of editing and posting I have quite a bit done! Since I now have the handy-dandy widget to the left (I mean the other left) I'll not post pictures here.

The super good news is my cat is back! I'm wondering if it has something to do with the full moon. Maybe occasionally he turns into something else for a week. (I know, I read too many books with werewolves.) I'd rather imagine that than him being stuck up a tree somewhere out of hearing. It's hard to imagine him out in the wild for a long time since most of the time he's here this is what he's doing:

Cato sleeps

After days of beautiful weather it is raining (hard) in fits and starts. I haven't been exercising for a week (I wasn't kidding when I said last week got away from me) but I don't want to get caught in a downpour. I'll have to check the radar situation...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shop update?

To all of you I met and talked to yesterday at Cozy I'd like to say "thank you" for checking out my fibers! I thought today was going to be all about a fiber photo shoot and updating the Etsy shop, but as the day progresses I see how wrong I was in that assumption. Some of my yarns will be at Cozy and I'm sorting through them right now. Once I get that figured out I will start the listing process.

Add to the mix I'm starting a temporary, full-time job tomorrow (say that five times fast, whydon'tcha). I'm entering Customer Service for the holidays. Should be interesting, right? That's what I'm thinking.

In the Land of Knitting, I'm working on another hood/cowl with some rust colored, super squishy handspun I love (and have yet to finish spinning) and more of the ggh "Bali." If I had made Chicky the shawl that yarn was destined for all those years ago I wouldn't be having this much fun right now. Chicky's bunny slippers are short one ear, I think I can whip that out while I'm watching a soccer game this afternoon. Sometimes I get kind of hepped up at soccer and have been known to lose bracelets because I'm flailing my arms about and yelling. Knitting hampers this sort of behavior and while it's embarrassing that your mother knits while at a soccer game, it's more embarrassing if she's jumping up and down, flailing her arms. (It's interesting to note they're not embarrassed if I'm on the sidelines with a camera at all.)

The sweet Tiger-Cato has gone missing. I haven't seen him since Saturday night and I'm starting to worry he's stuck in a tree somewhere. I've walked up and down our street quietly listening for his pathetic "Help!" mews and haven't heard any. I'm hoping he's just pissed at me because I went away for part of the weekend and now he's playing hard to get. Here's the picture that's on my desktop after my computer turns on in the morning.


I miss that not so little Bugger!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hood/cowl finished!

After over a year on the needles, the commercial and handspun yarn collaboration is finally finished! I am very pleased with the results too! My model wasn't feeling very well that day, as you can see in on of the pictures, but she put on one cheery face with effort.

This was designed with two thoughts in mind: keeping warm and showing off Sarah's beautiful handspun yarn. I made it very loose fitting, so even when it's up in "hood" position, if you have long hair and it happens to get worn up a lot there's plenty of room for a pony tail or bun. (Of course it will look funny in the back, but as an avid hater of static electricity it's worth it!)


When worn down it cozies up to the neck very nicely. In this picture the model is feeling very puny, but loved the cowl so much when the shoot was over she left it on. (Sore throat, in case you were wondering and she's feeling fine now).


Here Chicky is demonstrating how long it is. I love the purl rows of handspun strutting their stuff and contrasting with the white commercial yarn. It took one skein of Sarah's hand spun and one skein of ggh "Bali."


There's another on the needles already. It won't take a year this time, I hope.

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