Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye, bye Uniqlock

I had to get rid of it. It was too loud and busy and despite the lure of a free cashmere sweater or scarf I reflected that I have never won anything in my life. Well, I once won a cheap "as seen on TV" mandolin in a raffle at a Halloween party when I was 11 or 12. I don't think anyone would call me lucky.

In the World of Fibery Goodness there are more rovings in the dye pot, yarn drying in the shower, and socks still on the needles. The rovings are similar to the previous batch (because I love the colors, that's why) and I'm still pushing the plying together idea. I swear to the Goddess of all Wooly Creatures it is the best thing since a scone! The first I'm calling "redbud" because the fuchsia in it reminds me of my favorite indicator of spring here in North Carolina, the lovely Redbud.



And the other is different shades of browns, I'm calling it Trunks. Naming fibers is not my forte.


Tomorrow cleaning, feeding the snake, dyeing and teaching a friend how to knit socks are all on my To Do list. I'm planning on doing some of it early since I am awake at the crack of dawn (before, actually) every day so that at 9:30 I can sit down and knit or spin while watching my favorite cooking show and Brit Jamie Oliver. He made a Guinness, steak, and cheese pie a couple weeks ago that looked brilliant. I may have to order the UK version of his new cookbook, Jamie at Home, because I can't keep waiting for the US version. I have a scale that does grams anyway, so I'd be set! It's the little things...

Speaking of little things, I'm torn about my favorite Brit comment. I adore Neil Gaiman, Eddie Izzard, and not to mention one of the coolest women I know, Amanda. Hmmm. Maybe they're all my favorite? Here's a little Eddie 'cuz I had the crappiest day and he always makes me laugh.

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