Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More random spinning!

My new random spun is called "happiness" because it is and I am! Heh. Next time, I'm not using the bright green, I like it mixed in, but no so much with the red. I love it with the blue and blue greens so I think I'll save it for that. In the end, both skeins total 370 yards and are 15 WPI. MORE SOCKS!

skeins of happiness

Here's a look at the first skein in "cake"form.

happiness skein 1 (top)

And the second.

happiness skein 2 (top)

I am overly tired today, but the parts came for the dryer yesterday and I got home early enough today to have a go at some home appliance repair. I replaced the heating element first and when I hooked it up cold air was still blowing. I decided not to get frustrated (and pissed) unless the new thermostat wasn't the solution either. It was the solution! There is hot air blowing in my dryer! YEA! I haven't been so happy about doing laundry in a long time.

Off to finish making dinner and do more laundry.

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