Sunday, September 30, 2007

The weekend is almost over, already?

My weekend didn't feel very restful. We had a yard sale as a benefit for work yesterday and I was there from 7:15 am - 2:30 pm (that includes taking all the stuff that didn't sell to the Rescue Mission). I got to see lots of people I don't usually get to talk to very much, so that was nice. The bad thing was that after having the kids for a week my house was trashed and much work needed to be done when I got home. I did it so that today I could lounge.

Today was beautiful so I stayed outside in my hammock with my knitting, iPod, phone, and Newsweek on a table beside me, for hours. I rested, knit, talked on the phone, and dodged giant walnuts the squirrels above me were dropping. I couldn't believe how many were falling and then I realized they were dropping some of them unopened. I don't know if they were 'bad' nuts, the squirrels lost their grip, or they really were making a game out of 'who can hit the human in the hammock first.' At one point I had my pillow on top of my head because the nuts were getting really close (but I wasn't giving up my spot). While I was in my hammock one of the squirrels came down the tree and chewed on the rope that was holding up my hammock! I yelled at the little bugger and he scurried off, but he was a little too cheeky for comfort. I did make some progress in knitting.

Here is the Chevron in the sun.

still chevron

And the fourth "becca" bag.

becca bag 4

My first shipment from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club has arrived. Two ounces of merino/tencel in lovely blue, white, and golden brown. Yea!

spunky eclectic sept

I'm thinking of plying it with something else to make it go farther... We'll see. Now, it's almost time to go knit and veg out in front of the TV.

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