Thursday, September 27, 2007

Washington Square Serenade

He, he! Steve Earle is in the house! I met the UPS guy at the truck and he said, "I sure appreciate that, ma'am." I wanted to say, "Sorry, it's not for you, I want my new Steve Earle. NOW!" It's blaring right already, we (the kids and I) are digging it. I got the special DVD version. In a perfect world, last evening I would have been in NYC watching him live from a very close to the front row vantage. This was foiled by my commitment to civic duty WHICH I FORGOT ABOUT. Yea, talk about HOLY SHIT! Two weeks ago jury duty was on my mind continuously. Yesterday, not at all! Anyway, tomorrow I throw myself on the mercy of the Hillsborough Court House; tonight I will enjoy Steve Earle. The Dear Becca has promised me a cake baked with knitting needles inside if I get tossed in jail.

Click on the link to Steve's website at the right for more information.

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