Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chevron woes

Urgeda! (I've never tried to spell it before; it's kind of like the Swedish "ufda!" I learned to say growing up in Grand Marais, MN, only three syllables and more negative.) The chevron scarf is still wanting to fold into thirds. I'm hoping a severe blocking will cure it. I also picked one skein that was very me, and the other skein is a real stretch for my personality. I have been wearing black everyday since Bush was re-elected (as a personal protest and outer manifestation of my inner grieving) and reds and oranges have never been my thing. They look ok together and I have some fondness, but I'm not in love over here. Here it is on go number four:

beginning again

Sorry about the yellow - it was raining outside or I would have gotten a better picture outside.

OH. MY. LORD. - some guy just ran past my house TALKING ON A CELL PHONE! Ok, he was young (high school - not legal, so I'm sure he had the stamina) but really! One OR the other people.

I feel a little ranty today so I'm going to go off here: I just drove through the new development going in behind my house. Four years ago when I moved here, it's all woods. Two years ago - development. Urgeda! Anyway, I'm on my way back from getting my Guinness and there is a landscaping company installing sod on a plot less than a quarter of an acre! The part I'm freaking out about is that we are in a DROUGHT down here - the farmers have asked for emergency relief for Pete's sake and there are mandatory water restrictions (requiring people to prove it takes less than 30 gallons if they want to wash their car). I've seen the license plates of the newcomers and they are from up North, but a mere GLANCE at your fucking surroundings will tell you rain has not been a frequent visitor to this part of the country in a while. I'm thinking this may very well be illegal. I can't imagine these people having a well, and if they have a wet one they are fortunate. In defense of the landscaping company actually doing the work, I'm sure it's SUCKING for them right now. I've mowed my yard a total of three times this summer. Even the weeds aren't growing. Ok. I'm feeling a little better. Deep breath in. Out. In. Out.

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