Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spindle pictures

First my new spindle, a Nordic, designed by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and crafted by Jorn Piel. I'm spinning silk caps on it right now and it is quite lovely. There was some careful pushing of the whorl so it would be tight. It comes off for easy storage and portability, but unlike the cherry lap spindle, it doesn't screw on and stay tight. It is art without the fiber production.

nordic spindle

Then, my favorite, the cherry lap spindle. Also by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Jorn Piel.


Here are the wound skeins for the chevron scarf. This will be my fourth attempt (I've tried size 5,6, and 8 needles so far). I'm going at it with size 7's this time and hoping the feather and the fan will be more even and less bumpy or holey. URG!

chevron skeins

May the knitting goddess be kind to me on this one.

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