Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Out with the old, for sure. The fifth attempt a chevron scarf (the first using yellow and blue skeins of Koigu KPPPM) and the other three with different needle sizes using Amazon and Caribbean Fiesta Boomerang is OVER! Done. It was partially the unevenness in the stitching, but mostly just poor color choice on my part. I took it to Becca for another opinion and she said, "It's BRIGHT!" Aha! The real problem, I don't DO bright. Clearly, I am not very bright for plodding on with it for several days. It had become my "phone knitting" - for evening phone conversations after the children are in bed. It was comforting and the yarn so soft. While it was comforting, it was not visually pleasing and I had, "Oh, you're just not very adventurous" thoughts instead of, "This isn't you, idiot" thoughts.

Take three. Wait, or is it six. Oh, what the hell, here it is in better colors: Fiesta Boomerang (I'm in love with this yarn) Salsa (the purple and yellowy bits) and Laguna Bay (the blues, brown and purples). These colors seem to get on well together, and they please me to no end. Sigh. I thought I'd never get to this place again, and I feared maybe I just couldn't knit a Chevron Scarf to save my soul. Never say die.

better chevron

A bigger, better picture tomorrow (I've already done an hour on it since this photo- Hee - it is love.

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