Friday, February 03, 2006

Who's sick now?

This week has been one of rotating illness. First Morgan (adnovirus with asthma flare), then Bowen, and I. The boys had it worse than I do. Bowen's fever was only bad one day but he's still coughing, and I've had body aches, a cough, and a low grade fever for four days now. I had hoped my dogged perseverance would win out, but I think I'm getting my ass kicked.

2006 seems to be a year of catching up with the technical times for me. The digital camera continues to be something I use almost every day (and still have barely a clue of what I'm doing). Yesterday I made a purchase of a purely selfish, unnecessary technical object - an iPod. It was supposed to be a "Happy Divorce to Me" present, but I haven't got a divorce yet (I am in process, though). Since I jumped the gun a little, and because it's a pure luxury item I am having iPod guilt. I'll admit it's damn lovely to have all fifteen Steve Earle albums in the palm of my hand, but I'm still feeling like I've overindulged a bit. I guess time is the only way to get over it.

Illness has slowed the knitting projects some. Bowen has one i-cord glove, and about half of a sweater that I'm working on. I ordered yarn for the Swedish doubelmossa hat and it arrived today (yea!). I promised myself I wouldn't start on it until I've finished my other projects (including a sweater for Chicky I started yesterday). How many projects are too many?

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