Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quick, keep knitting!

I am officially 48 rows behind where I "should" be for my Olympics. I finished sixteen rows at basketball practice, but I have to get goin' or I'm not going to meet my personal challenge.

Here is Chicky's finished sweater. I found a bind off edge that is loose enough for a roll-neck - yea! She seems to like it. I made it big since winter is almost over here in the south and it should last at least one more winter. It's made out of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash. It was nice to work with - we'll see how it holds up over time.

chicky sweater

I have to share some pictures of the boys at a birthday party at a place I would never take them (I don't like big, noisy places with lots of people, and I don't like spending money on games - .50 to $2 a pop). They had a very good time. I mourn for the past when birthday parties were at other children's houses or at a park. I've never done a party at a place for actual money and my children think I'm a freak (they're right). I tell them one day they will appreciate my oddities and thank me for them.

Go Morgan

Go Bowen

As always, my life is made up of mini-revolutions: politically, spiritually, physically, intellectually - life is definitely a process for me. Recently I've had another health revolution. I've been vegan for almost two years and I try and eat healthy. I read Dinner at the New Gene Cafe shortly after it came out and felt really strongly about not eating foods that have been genetically modified. Somehow, it slipped to the back of my consciousness and I let it go. I'm currently reading Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall, Gary NcAvoy, and Gail Hudson. It's revolutionary for me. I've already told the children that we are going for quality over quantity. Over 70% of the foods in our regular grocery stores are genetically modified. If you don't have a Whole Foods, Earth Fare, a Trader Joe's, or a co-op - you're screwed. Make sure the labels say "organic" or call the manufacturer to find out for sure. There's a great list at http//www.truefoodnow.org that you can print and take along to the grocery store. Only in North America are people served GMOs. The rest of the world requires labeling and grocery stores won't buy it (because consumers don't want to be guinea pigs), and as a result manufacturer's won't make it. This is the drawback to capitalism, my friends, when the focus is money it all goes to hell in a bucket.

All right, my brief post and preaching are over. Back to the knitting! I'll keep reminding myself I work better under pressure.

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