Monday, February 06, 2006

Sad and happy

When leaving the house this morning I noticed my knitting bag (my first Booga bag) with the socks I have slowly been working on since October was in none of its regular hang outs. I also realized the black-fingered i-cord gloves I just made myself were also missing. I was puzzling over it on the drive to work and realized I must have left them in the movie theatre this weekend.

I thought about this tragedy on and off throughout the day and told myself the bag would surely be at home, maybe under a jacket, a throw blanket, a dog. Somewhere. On the ride home from work I told the kids my fear. "No, mama. I'm sure it's at the house," they reassured. When we got home, I turned the house over looking and it's not anywhere. I called the movie theatre…yes, we have a lost and found; no, there is no bag. I called the Apple Store. "Hello, Apple Store," the Brit said. "Hi, I have a really lame question for you." I said. "Oh, good." replied the Brit, "Yes, we have iPods." I laughed. "No, I have one thanks. I think I left a bag with knitting in it in your store. Do you have a lost a found?" Yes, he said, they did. But no, and again I say no, there is no knitting bag. Sigh. Maybe it's for the best. I've made a couple better Boogas since that one. And, truth be told, that sock pattern was cool looking but so tedious, it's why they weren't done a long time ago. I'm kind of still sad about the gloves, but they were my first try and I fucked up a bit. See, I talked myself right outta sad.

The good news is that Chicky's roll neck EPS sweater is almost done! It needs sleeves and we are talking finished object! I'm worried I won't be done before the Knitting Olympics start and it would drive me crazy to see it sitting there just waiting for a sleeve.

Here is a very excited Pittsburgh Steeler's fan on Sunday night.

steelers fan

He was thrilled at the end of the game (I let him watch the whole thing, sans the trophy presentation). He was sad I limited his number of running victory laps around our friends' living room and wouldn't let him scream outside at their house or ours at 10:15pm, but other than that it was all good.

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