Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic bust

It is true that sometimes with a deadline I procrastinate and then kick butt close to the end. It is also true that sometimes I adopt a "fuck you" sort of attitude to deadlines. I think the Knitting Olympics inspired the second in me. I was into it, happy, plodding along, tinking out row after row and moving on, but when I realized that I had the 37 repeats of the eight row pattern and it was way shorter than it should be (I don't think I could get close to 20" out of blocking) my inner olympian gave up. I really like the pattern and I am still working on it and I'm going to finish it, but I didn't feel the urge to stay up late or deprive myself of fun. This is a pattern that I had to go easy on the Guinness with, though. Too many Guinness and who cares about double yarn overs?

Here is where the shawl is right now:

swansen shawl

Last night I went to see Ira Glass' one man show at UNC Memorial. It was sold out. He was so funny and clearly loves what he does. There is soon to be a This American Life pilot on Showtime. Ira said that there are only about a million viewers of Showtime. This American Life on NPR gets 1.6 million listeners every weekend. Their polling shows that once people tune in, they don't turn the station and stay for the whole thing. I do. Sometimes I tune in a little late, but unless I'm in the car and have to get out, I don't turn it off. I wish there were free podcasts of it. I will go to their website and listen from the archives if I miss one. Ira's piece on the new indecency law was really good. Something else to revolt about. The list gets longer every day.

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