Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitting update

I gave up hope of completing my Olympic project a while ago, but I really like it and I'm well over half way to home on it. I think I'm not going to work on anything else until it's done (well, for the most part - I am not a monogamous knitter).

For my birthday I received a box of lovelies from my wishlist at Amazon. Five CDs were in that box! Those of you that are familiar with my habits know that music, books, and knitting keep me quite satisfied. The CDs are: Rodney Crowell, Donna the Buffalo, Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, and Madeleine Peyrox. Right now Patty Griffin is playing for the kids to go to sleep to and I'm sititng here with my iPod on listening to Sarah Lee and Johnny. I have technology anxiety, but sometimes I like it a little too much. The books in my box are Zorro's Field, The Candle Cafe Cookbook, and Maureen O'Dowd's Are Men Necessary? Good music, good books, and some knitting to finish.

I'll post a picture of the shawl project soon, I'm having some technical difficulties and it's slowed down my photography. I'm determined to work out the kinks, though.

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