Sunday, January 29, 2006


Since my last post I've finished the black gloves. Next time the wrist cuffs will be longer, I made them out of scrap sock yarn and was worried I wouldn't have enough.


made Bowen a long overdue scarf:


and have finally taken a picture of Morgan in his mittens (he is sick today and you can so see it in his eyes, and in the way he is prone on the sofa - Morgan is only prone when ill or asleep):

mogan's mittens

Bowen has requested gloves, so those are on the needles. He's having yellow fingers, and the body of the glove in Opal's brown Brasil pattern.

The Schoolhouse Press box came! The Icelandic laceweight is gorgeous, and the Highland wool is lovely as well. I'm very excited about the projects in Knitting with Meg Swansen - there's a hat and sweater I'm thinking about.

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