Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Fresh Tart returns?

I've been toying with the idea of purchasing some kitchen time over at The Durham Cookery. I took a tour a couple months ago, but wasn't sure about the logistics. I'm still not completely sure of what I want to do - other than make sweet and savory tarts, quick breads, scones, and soups - but being able to rent that space would open up some options. With the holidays coming up and no real need to eat a boat load of baked goods myself, I could rent the space once every couple of weeks and do cookies and breads as gifts, or fill orders for people that wanted some baked yummies for themselves.

Here's are a few things off the old menu:

Savory tarts - roasted potato & mushroom (with fresh tarragon and Emmenthaler)
- roasted leek & celery
- spinach & mushroom

Sweet tarts - pumpkin spice
- apple (sugar and spiced apples in custard)
- raspberry-cranberry linzer
- baked lemon

Scones - dried cranberry
- candied ginger
- pumpkin
- cheddar-parmesan

Tea breads - chocolate banana
- cardamom banana with pistachios
- zucchini
- fresh grated ginger gingerbread
- carrot cake with lime icing

Cookies - shortbread
- coconut macaroons
- toffee bars
- fig newtons

Any menu suggestions? My only reservation with making tarts is that I'd have to be very organized as I'd need to rent the bakery and the kitchen portion of the cookery. It means an added cost and maybe having one other person help to make it efficient. See? It's all the details that keep me guessing. Any thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

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