Monday, November 21, 2011

The things I wonder about

When Richard and I were leaving Home Depot on Sunday (with supplies to fix my leaky kitchen sink) we saw a sofa box truck.  I don't know if they exist everywhere or just around here, but they're usually parked in a parking lot right along a road and have sofas and chairs wrapped in plastic for sale.  There's no sign, no business name anywhere.

me: I wonder how you get into that business.

Richard: What business?

me:  The Selling Sofas on the Side of the Road business.  I mean, where do you get your sofas?

Richard: I don't know how that works. Maybe they fell off a truck. What made you think of that?

me:  The guy back there with the sofas wrapped in plastic and leaning up against the side of his box truck. Do you think he takes debit cards?  Not very many people carry cash these days and that looks kind of like a "cash only" set up over there.  I wonder if he collects sales tax?

Richard: How many people look for sofas on the side of the road? Don't you usually go to a store for that kind of thing?

me:  "Hey honey, we really need a new sofa.  Let's go cruise around and see if we see one of those trucks by the side of the road."

Richard: I doubt you'd get enough impulse buys to make a living.

me: No kidding.

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