Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So much knitting, so little time.

It's kind of depressing to look at your WIPs on Ravelry and see how long projects have been lingering on the needles. Well, it's depressing for ME to realize it anyway. In particular, I've started on a pair of leg warmers (for me)

Leg warmer

and new gauntlets,

New gauntlet

while finding this

Giant cowl progress

and this


in my favorite knitting bag. That's a lot of knitting work to do! Yesterday was not a particularly good day for me, so I watched quite a bit of Netflix and TEDtalks while knitting the Stockholm Scarf (aka the giant cowl). Progress has slowed on the gauntlet as I've misplaced one of the needles. I'm sure it will turn up, it's just not in any of the regular places needles hide in the house. If the kitty cat found it and was playing with it, it may be long gone!

Since it's a lovely afternoon and no one is burning any leaves (yet!) I think I'll go and knit in the sun. Natural vitamin D may be just the cure for what ails me.

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