Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Down for the count, part 1

On Monday I tried to finish one of our last mowing jobs of the season all by myself. There were lots of leaves and I hate raking so I decided to use the mower with a bag. The yard needed mowing and I was thinking about killing two birds with one stone. It was slow going with all the bag emptying and I was getting close to done when I started on the hill by the road. That part of the yard was still shaded and the long grass was wet; it seemed safer to push the mower up the hill from the bottom than for me to slide down the hill and into the mower blade from the top. The hill is steep at the bottom - about an eighty degree angle - and I had to push and stretch my arms out to get a decent bit mowed so it would be easier from the top when I got there. On the eighth upward push I felt a pain in my back. The next push began and ended with the mower going nowhere and me in extreme pain.

I hate it when a plan doesn't come together. I realized I'd have to bring the boys back after school to finish mowing one side of the house, part of the front yard and load the lawnmower back in the van. My back has been tender for as long as I can remember, but I've never hurt it this badly before. Taking a shower was slow and painful and I could not wait to carefully lower myself in bed and stay there for a while. Four ibuprophen and a heating pad later and I didn't feel much better. (I know now that I should have had ice on it instead.)

 The sweet Chicky came home after finding me in bed and telling her what happened, we went to the store to get dinner.   On the way up our road, we found the boys walking home from the bus. I stopped to pick them up and fill them in on the situation. They could see I was obviously in pain and we decided to go get the yard stuff out of the way. We drove over to the house and they made short work of the remaining yard and leaves. The predominating conversation on our travel was how much more convenient this would all be if they boys were driving. That thought had passed through my mind when I was struggling to get into the car earlier in the day, but in other more lucid moments I keep remembering they're only 14. I know driving is coming up, but I am not sure I'm ready for it.

 When we arrived at home I went straight to bed with my iPhone and watched an episode of Parenthood. It's our current favorite series on Netflix. I'm also hooked on Friday Night Lights, but I watch that one alone. Chicky made some awesome cocoa brownies with dulche de leche on top, prepared dinner, and brought me some food. All the peeps were thoughtful and attentive. I asked them to clean up and they managed to do most of it. I had a thrilling thought, maybe I have my very own minions!? Only time would tell.

 Before they went to bed I asked if they needed any laundry done. No response. "I won't be able to do any of your laundry tomorrow so if you need anything you should do it now." Crickets, literally. Oh, well. If they really need it they'll do it, I thought and went to sleep.

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