Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recent Etsy purchases

I meant to post these pictures before MerleFest and totally forgot. I bought some lovely soap from autumn oak in the scent of The 60's (patchouli, sandlewood, and other lovely scents). It came wrapped in some appropriate fabric and with a sample of dyed wool locks (she's also a spinner - how cool is that?). The soap is exactly what I've been looking for and will have some on hand from now on!

autumnoak soap

Next, I'd fallen in love with dream a little's aliens (look in the sold section) and thought of Chicky when I saw this sweet little Juicy Bug. Chicky loves all things small. When she was little she always had some small thing clutched in her paddy paw, and the sight of anything small still produces an instinctive, "AAAWWW! That's so cute!"

cherries and blueberries juicy bug

Isn't it sweet? It is sturdy and meant to be played with. It came in a lovely little package that Chicky has kept as well.

juicybug and packet

Can you blame her? She's been sleeping with the Juicy Bug on the pillow next to her or up in her fairy canopy. It looks like it was made to hang out in a fairy canopy, doesn't it?

She has taken up weaving (they made looms at school) and done some very nice work with Cascade and Lamb's Pride Bulky I had in my stash. I'll take some pictures tomorrow outside of the three she's made so far. I'm thinking of getting her a small loom - she's obsessed and I can certainly relate to that! Here's a picture of her "working" last night

chicky weaving

her brothers are requesting custom made belts from her. Rock on, sister!

There's a new fiber update that happened tonight over at Etsy. I've ordered some yarn to dye and I will soon have another skein or two of handspun up in the shop as well.

new shop update

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