Monday, April 21, 2008

New socks...finally

Set number two of the handspun that was dyed by funky carolina. I am going to measure the leftovers - I might be able to eek out one more sock! I've been wearing the first pair, they are quite cozy and go well in my Doc Marten Club Mary Janes! There's more color in these socks than I've ever worn in my entire life.

random socks pair #2 finished

Hazel the Honda is doing well. She has converted me to a mini-van lover - her spacious cargo area with little hooks that hold cloth bags from dashing groceries all over the place is groovy. And her stereo system kicks ass. And the air conditioning works. And the passenger side door opens from the inside (haven't had that in a while). And the hatch doesn't fall on my head. It's the little things.

This past Saturday I saw my other man, Steve Earle, in concert in Charlotte. It was in the McGlohon Theatre, which used to be a church downtown (right across from The Discovery Place). Small theatre, good seats, great company, and Steve playing for 2 1/2 hours. He was fabulous. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the DJ part of it (this album he recorded mostly by himself and there are some "loops" on it). Lots of old songs and all of the new album. None of The Revolution Starts...Now and only one song off Jerusalem. He's producing Joan Baez's new album coming out soon. Can't wait to check that out, too. Allison Moorer (wife #7) played for 45 minutes and that was hard for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she has a great voice, but her music and lyrics don't do anything for me. On top of that, she has the stage presence of a wet dishcloth. Sad but true. Here's a sample from this year's tour, but it sounded much better when we saw them.

This weekend is MerleFest... only Saturday for me, but since I'm a first timer it may be enough. I tend to be overwhelmed in crowds and get my fill of them rather quickly. Looking forward to Levon Helm, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and Ollabelle. The Avett Brothers are Friday night so I'll miss them. Wah! I'm totally taking my camera. I could kick myself in the ass for not having it at Steve. I didn't know if the theatre would allow it (I should have known they wouldn't care - there are pictures of Steve all over the internet) and we were so close to the front it would have been perfect!!


Kathleen said...

The socks look very good! I'm just breaking into socks myself and have just two pair under my belt. Working on a third.

What is Merlefest? And I'm surprised that Joan Baez is coming out with a new album. She must be close to 70 years old. I wonder how it will be and if she is as ...mmm...filled with a cause as she used to be. Another one I grew up listening to is Buffy Saint Marie, but I haven't heard anything about her for years. Ian & Sylvia were another group that seems to have disappeared.

Rochelle said...

My sock addiction cannot be quenched! Sock yarn now takes up most of my stash and I have a notebook of ALL sock patterns. When I first heard about knitting socks I thought it was crazy - all that work to wear on your feet - but they are the cushiest and I can barely stand to wear store bought ones now.

Merlefest is part fundraiser, part tribute to Doc Watson's son Merle who died in a farming accident. Four days of traditional, bluegrass, and new grass music. You can check it out at

Joan had a new album out a couple years ago, she stood up for Cindy Sheehan and rallied with her in Texas outside the Bush compound. I adore Buffy Saint Marie, too. Ian & Sylvia I don't know, but I'll go look them up, so I do!