Tuesday, April 08, 2008


The kids and I went today and cleaned our stuff out of the car. I also took a picture, I know several people that didn't get the roadside experience, but have heard enough about it and are curious.

The full on view of Inga.

Inga now

Next, the close up.

Inga closeup

Sad, isn't she? She has been officially claimed a total loss and I'm waiting for the final figures from the insurance company so I know what I have to work with as far as the purchase of a car goes. Rather anxiety producing. As we were there, my stomach got all knotty just looking at Inga. We had a lot of ups and downs together. She certainly was no stranger to riding on a flatbed tow truck. Not that I've been in other accidents, rather her quirkyness led to breakdowns in various places and she was frequently towed to the Volvo shop. I'm sure Crown Volvo in Chapel Hill will miss her (probably not, heh)!

You may also notice the coating of yellow all over Inga. It is spring here and the plants are copulating like there's no tomorrow. I thought I had a cold all of last week, which may be partially true, but now it is all allergy action. Even with all the rain we're still breathing lots of pollen.

The rest of the night's activities include finishing dinner, reading aloud, and going to bed early - all of us. We have soccer and a long day tomorrow.

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