Thursday, May 08, 2008

New yarns, new rovings, and FO's

The Fiber Goddess has been smiling on me lately. I finished Roza's socks, pattern by Grumperina and knitted in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids. Love 'em, Cherry Tree Hill is soft and squishy and wears well. They'll get lots of use next fall and winter!

roza's socks finished

And I finished my Old Shale Smoke Ring, pattern by Cosette Cornelius-Battes (that's a Ravelry link, but you can find it on her blog cosymakes, too). It is busy blocking, so there's no picture right now.

In fiber dyeing, I had some re-dyeing fun with some rovings I detested when I first made them. Glam was reborn as Vampire Glam (cause if I was a vampire, I think I'd need a little glam).

vampire glam

The other I'm calling Tiger Toes, because of the stripy nature of the colors.

tiger toes

And there is yarn! Some Sting

sting close-up

and Bean Pods

bean pods

and worsted - that's still drying. Aurora is dry though, she's kind of mellow and subdued.


Tonight, five more rovings are in the steamer. Who-hoo, can't wait to see how they turn out! There are a couple more re-dyes in the works.


Kathleen said...

We want pictures of the new rovings! Sheesh, I shouldn't be asking for'll just drive me to the Etsy shop...and i need to stay outta there!

Rochelle said...

The pictures will be up tonight. The high humidity is making it take forever for things to dry, but I checked them late last night and they were almost done!

I'm hoping your package gets to you soon and in one piece!