Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day of firsts, fits, and tears (all mine, I'm afraid)

If Wednesday is the hump, things can only get fucking better. The good news first, today is the Vegetarian Special day at Bahn's, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Durham (cash only, small seating area). Lunch was spectacular as usual. Next up, Morgan's last visit to the orthopedist for his broken finger. I'm slightly concerned about the NINE x-rays he's had taken of his hand over the last month, but it all looks good. No more splint, except for soccer for the next two weeks. We've had our day, and we're on our way home. A mere two miles from our house, Bowen was talking to me in the back seat and I turned around to look at him and when I turned my head back the pick-up truck in front of me (without it's break lights on) was sitting there and we were approaching quickly. I slammed on the breaks and said, "oh shit!" because I knew we weren't going to stop in time... and we didn't. I hadn't been going 55 mph and the airbags didn't deploy but the front of my '98 Volvo with 161,000 miles was SMASHED TO HELL. The hood had that terrible angle that means doom, antifreeze was leaking all over the road, and those really expensive headlights? they really ARE glass! The car wouldn't start to move it off the road, it had to be pushed. I hit the pick-up truck AND the pick-up truck hit a woman in a rather new looking Toyota SUV of some kind. Sigh. I haven't ever rear ended anyone and the shock was pretty impressive. My mental capacities flew out the window for the next minute or so and then I came to my senses and started looking for my license and registration. Fifteen minutes later the police (state trooper) finally arrived. We each got to make a written statement and I AM FUCKED. I'm bummed about the citation (haven't gotten one of those before either). If I go to court the chances are pretty good they'll drop the charges if I prove I'm taking care of the accident. I'm bummed about MY CAR, cause there's only the one and I was hoping it was here for the long haul (I had money set aside to fix the air conditioning I haven't had for the past two summers) and now she (Inga) is probably gone. There are so many accidents in the area a claim representative can't get to my car until MONDAY! The insurance has arranged a rental which they will cover $30/day up to $900 but I worry.

The amazing news, the stuff that makes me cry ( from sadness earlier) but now from the kindness of virtual friends. Sarah is organizing a raffle to benefit ME! I can't believe it or even wrap my mind around it right now. Prizes include roving, hand spun, and commercial yarns. If you want to get into the action and help me out in the process, head on over to theytoldmesew. Tickets are $1 for ONE ticket and $5 for SIX tickets. I'll post more details as things get more organized.

I am also offering free domestic regular shipping for the month. There was a scheduled update happening this week anyway, but today I was a little distracted. I'll post more rovings tomorrow.


Nell said...

I'm so sorry! That's terrible. I'm glad you're all OK. Try to remember that's most important. Hugs and sympathy headed your way!

Rochelle said...

Thanks for the hugs and sympathy - it's just one of those things that makes me feel like I have a giant "L" on my forehead!

Pam/2muchfun said...

I know I emailed you about the arrival of the most fabulous sock yarn ever, but I needed to add a little something by posting here. The auto accident was a terrible thing. However, had it not happened, I never would have read the post "theytoldmesew" made on Ravelry. Then I wouldn't have found the most beautiful hand dyed yarn in the world. Right?
I was looking in Etsy for another skein, but it looks like I need to wait a few days. That's okay. I can do that.

Rochelle said...

Sorry it's taken so long for the yarns to get up, I've been experimenting with different color ways and weights of yarn. There are a few more up with one more still to come!

You are very right, often many good things can come out of something first perceived as bad. Change is hard for everyone, isn't it? Thanks for your kind words and support (and compliments on my yarn)!