Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birthday Wishes

The boys turned 11 on Thursday - where has the time gone? I have listened to the gown twins I know and always made them two separate cakes. This year there was a time crunch on the cake making (reason to follow) so they have store bought cakes (sorry guys). Bowen

bowen cake

and Morgan thinking about their wishes

morgan cake

Lest you think they were serious, this is what was mostly happening. They can't be serious for more than three minutes. Their natural goofiness kicks in after that.

birthday laughs

On Wednesday my friend Becca went to CarMax with me to get our new horse! Hazel the Honda Odyessy. She's a 2004 with only 36K - there were several to choose from, but low milage on this one was key. She has a cargo area in the back that will be perfect for hauling a wet dog home from the Eno, grocery bags, and the large African market basket I carry every day.

hazel side

A bird already christened the driver's side door. Gotta love that. I've de-Carmaxed her - I've taken off the front plate and the decals. I've bought two other vehicles from Carmax in the past and it's become part of my ritual after purchase. That and getting what ever smell they put in the vehicle OUT. Yesterday I had both side doors and the windows open to let her air out. Still smells like chemicals.

The children are very excited about her too. They can have their own space and not touch each other. I'm sure they can still find a way to fight about looking out windows that aren't "theirs" but so far, it's been argument free. They each have their own vent they can adjust the air flow to, and that is a thrill.

I'm off to see Steve Earle tonight in Charlotte, very exciting. I think Hazel may get her first road trip!

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CarMaxChris said...

My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office. Google Alerts notified me of your blog posting mentioning us. I love to read blogs from happy customers! I’m glad you had a great experience at one of our stores. I hope you and Hazel have many happy times together! And, please tell your friends to visit CarMax and!