Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do I have any idea how lucky I am?

Hell yea! I got a package today from Sarah! It included French lavender soap, the beautiful Mountainscape in superwash corriedale


Cheerful Ember, also in superwash corriedale,


and a sample of Squoosh in superwash merino


I haven't been knitting so much, and now I doubt I will for another few days! Here is the lovely, cabled Broken Yolks. It came out to 195 yards (would have been 390 as a two-ply), 14 WPI. I love it!

broken yolks skein

And up close.

broken yolks cabled close-up

Betcha' can't guess what I'm doin' tonight!

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The Dharma Geek said...

I had to check out a blog entitled 'addicted to fiber'.

...I am really tempted to take up knitting now!