Sunday, November 04, 2007

Holiday knitting

It suddenly dawned on me how little knitting time is left before the holidays! I finally knit my Loopy Red Sock Kit, and am making many little socks for holiday ornament gifts.

Loopy red sock

Of course Chicky noticed immediately that it was potentially the right size for her American Girl doll, so she put it on her and it did fit perfectly. Damn.

Some socks for a favorite person are also in progress. These are very basic socks knit up in Louet Gems sport weight. I really like the weight and feel. These are the first socks I've knit on a needle larger than size one - it's a little quicker!

favorite man socks

Here my knitting candy right now. When I do so much on the holiday knitting I reward myself with a little spinning or this

old shale smoke ring - in process

It's from a pattern by cosymakes. It may be a gift or it may be mine, not sure yet.

It's finally gotten cool enough for long sleeves - YEA! Bring out the handknits!

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cosette said...

hi! i love the colorway you chose for the old shale smoke ring! can't wait to see the end product :)