Sunday, November 25, 2007

It feels just like starting over

The Conwy socks had a Fatal Flaw. An Obvious Fatal Flaw that I decided to ignore until reality smacked me in the face, or the foot rather, and had to be dealt with... finally. The sock was too fucking small. Well, the sock was just right. The pattern was written for a foot smaller than mine and I paid no heed. I actually do have some sense and noticed this a couple of inches into the sock, but said to myself,"Oh, it'll be fine. See how it stretches?" Not that much it won't. I was PAST the heel gusset and on down the straightaway when I decided to try the sock on and see if my suspicions were correct. They were. It took three minutes of internal struggling and cussing to come to the only possible decision. I frogged it. What took two days of very diligent work was gone in less than five minutes. I'm trying again on size three needles (yes, I tried two, but realized that wasn't going to give me the extra inch around the ball of the foot that I needed). We'll see what happens.

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