Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More gifts

Two more gifts are finished. Socks for my favorite man (the one other than my father, I mean) came out very nice. I got two skeins of yarn and barely used any of the second. I bet I can get another pair out of it. I'd never used this yarn before and I like it a lot. It's Louet Gems in sport weight. I'm usually a fingering weight girl for socks, but sport weight is quicker and probably warmer! It's a very basic sock with a reinforced heel - my favorite.

favorite man socks

The Welsh Country Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book are finally finished! I started them way back in March. Done in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. I reinforced the heel with the recommended weaving through the bumps on the wrong side. It looks so lovely I want to try it on a scarf! For sure it was more time consuming than the K1, S1 for a row and then purl the next row method, but it is a really consistent and beautiful pattern on the wrong side. (I have a strange love of the wrong side of all things hand made. I think it comes from my grandmothers both doing various kinds of needlework and judging the finished product by the wrong side). These will be a gift for a friend that loves knee socks (and appreciates wool). These are not socks that get gifted lightly because I love them and was making them for myself, originally. Sometimes when I knit, the thing I'm knitting tells me where it wants to go and these socks did that very thing repeatedly.

welsh country stockings

And another mini gift sock is done. I tried making a couple with Cascade superwash on size five needles with a pattern on them (more "festive" for the holidays), but I just didn't like them as well. Super mini is cuter.

mini sock 4

We had our Thanksgiving feast at work today and it was very nice. I don't have my children this year, so I'm going over to a friend's house to spend it with her family. It's almost time to start making the gingerbread to take along.

Other then making gingerbread tonight, I'm almost done with my second pair of monkey socks and am trying hard not to cast on for three other projects before I finish the rest of the gifts. I am also going to have another go at watching The Queen - I fell asleep not very far into it the first time. I think Helen Mirren is amazing, and the royal family is emotionally stunted, but what can you expect? The first time I tried to watch it I was just too tired. I've been happily knitting, staying awake, and being entertained by two things at once tonight!

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