Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New fiber acquisitions

This is all about new fiber. I've been stocking up on fiber for some fall spinning. Right now, on the bobbin, is some Sunset fiber from Miss Babs. Both batts are so beautiful. I can't decide if I should spin and ply both 4 oz batts together, or spin and ply each separate.

Miss Babs sunset batt

The other, forgotten name, batt is a lighter orange with lovely yellow streaks in it.

miss babs batt

And, because I love the colors from Carrie (a.k.a funkycarolina) I have two new rovings. The first is called 'ask'


And the other is called 'remand.'


It's a good thing I only have one wheel. I'm trying to practice project monogamy (spinning mostly) but I have three spindles with 'in process' spinning on them, and I have half a bobbin of the first Miss Babs already going on the wheel. Basically, I have to finish something in order to start something else right now. AND, I'm still on the holiday gift making deadline. My compromise this year, if I run out of time, is to give people etsy gifts. If it can't be hand made by me, here are a whole slew of talented people to take up my slack! I'm addicted to this place.

In the knitting world, I've felted bag number five and have started number six, the first new monkey sock is almost finished, and my chevron scarf is still interesting to me (yea!).

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