Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beautimous fiber

After a week from HELL I am finding solace in the quiet house through cleaning and fibery pursuits. Work had some very sucky moments, my daughter had three very sucky days with me (which, her teacher informs me, are a window into her future being as an adolescent - I'm scared already), and I accidentally burnt rice one night while being distracted by needle felting my Loopy Ewe woolpet and my house still smells like burnt rice. Wah.

In the peaceful world of spinning, I think I've spun about half my sunset batt and have started the second bobbin. I love how the colors have worked out. Plying will be very cool with this one!

miss babs sunset single

My first STR chickabiddy monkey sock is finished! I'm working on the second - YEA!

chickabiddy monkey #1

And the first of Roza's socks is finished as well. This sock is very comfortable, I can see it fast becoming a favorite.

roza's sock #1

I am continuing my laid back day with a night of more of the same. Hopefully, next week will be better.

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