Thursday, January 19, 2006

Knitting Olympics decision and Uni

I've decided on my Knitting Olympics event: a Meg Swenson shawl. It's in the fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting. It's lovely, lacey, and long. I am ordering the yarn tomorrow.

Today was Becca's birthday. Becca is a great friend and co-worker. Funny, sweet, amazing with children and so left of center there's no way she can't be a kindred spirit. The current had patterns for alien creatures filled with rice and lavender sachets. It just said, "And ye shall make Uni for Becca" and I said, "Ok" because that's what I do when patterns and/or yarn speak to me.


Next week I hope to include pictures of Bowen's class knitting. I started teaching them to knit last quarter (they can all do it now) and we are beginning a new project next week. This week they made their own needles from dowels and Sculpey - they had a blast (so did I).

In addition to a sweater for Bowen (back is finished, am working on the front), I've also started mittens for Morgan, am working on a second sock, have started the Anne Modesitt pattern for Backyard Leaves, and unraveled the Cozy shawl I finished a month ago. See? There's always something to do. No need for boredom...Knit.

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