Sunday, January 08, 2006

More socks

I finished Morgan's orange socks - they're a little large, though. Chicky wanted to show off her socks again and get in the picture with Morgan.


Last night, everyone took showers and ready for bed and we snuggled down to watch Fiddler on the Roof, again - they really like it. The first time through there were a few pauses to talk about various aspects of life during that period of time. We also had to revisit the differences between Judaism and Christianity. Some people think it a personality flaw that I like musicals, but I do, and my children will either enjoy them or just go through life with the songs playing in their heads. I have a habit of breaking into song now and again and it may be a result of too many musicals in my life, but there's no real way to prove that. One of my favorite things about watching movies at home (other than the food is cheaper, and you get to pause the movie to go to the bathroom) is you can pause and talk about questions as they arise - this is fairly critical with children. During our recent viewing of The Chronicles of Narnia, I spent much time whispering in Chicky's ear (and reminding her to whisper back).

I am making my own chai syrup (yum!) and must go pay some attention to the stove. I took the children to their dad's house, so I get to clean, knit, and cook in a quiet house.

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