Friday, July 08, 2005

Mostly socks

Behold! In three days she made a sock; and saw it was good. On the third, fourth, and fifth days she made another. And her feet were well pleased.


There is, I’m happy to say, another one but I couldn’t be too anal about pattern matching because I made a hat before I decided to make socks with the Opal. I know, what was I thinking? Well, I frogged the hat so I could finish the socks. The pattern actually matches…about two inches from the heel and on up to the toe. Weird, eh? I used the Railroad Rib pattern from Fiber Trends. I had done two or three projects staight knitting in the round and needed a change of pace. You can't see the pattern the yarn makes as well, but it was fun.

My new rule is that I cannot knit socks at my house (well, unless I've completed one full round of pattern from the eternal Cozy shawl or Midwest Moonlight scarf). The latest sock should've gone to the library today. We had a "lost" book we found and desperately needed to be returned. The children had wanted to go, but then changed their fickle minds. They all looked at me and said, "Fine. We'll go to the library, but we're not checking out any books." Well, I had my two books within the first ten minutes and I sat and waited for them for another twenty to make their selections. I did point out that for people who were not going to check out any books, they now had twenty-one to read in the next three weeks.

Bowen has picked up his knitting again and is working on a scarf. He didn’t touch it for weeks and still remembered how to do it. For an eight-year-old first-time knitter, I’m amazed at the even tension in his stitches. He gets easily frustrated and sometimes cries if he doesn’t pull a stitch all the way off and notices on the next row. I feel like Tom Hanks in A League of their Own, “There’s no crying in knitting!” But...there is crying in knitting. I know this because I’ve done it myself. I’ve tried to explain that when you feel that frustrated with your knitting (and about anything really) it’s time to put it down for a while. This idea smacks of defeat to him.


My first sock of my own homespun is finished. It is so thick it’s more armor-like than sock-like. I told my daughter she could run across the gravel in those socks and be just fine. I’ll put up a picture with the next post.


Carolyn said...

Your son is so cute. My son (now 16) picked up knitting soooo well at about 13 yo and would have been phenominal. Then realized that "boys can't knit" and dropped it so fast. oh well...! I like your pics. I should start blogging but I'm afraid it would take the little knitting time I have away...!

Rochelle said...

Thanks for posting. You should show your son this pattern by a high school guy at

The whole issue is about men and knitting.