Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baa, baa, Mabel, have you any wool?

Yesterday I was BORED - no children and I forgot the sock at work. I watched Alice's Restaurant (not boring) while coming close to the end of the Midwest Moonlight scarf. Today I arrive home and Harry Potter and my five pounds of Romney (from Mabel at Homestead Wool & Gift Farm in Monroe, WI) are waiting for me! I've been washing fleece - some in a large galvanized bucket in the yard (what the hell, the neighbors already think I'm crazy) and some in the washing machine. I've got to say I think the washing machine is easier. I have a bottom of the line washer, though, so it doesn't try and do a whole bunch of stuff I don't want it to do. It doesn't start agitating before I remember to set the cycle to spin after the tub has filled and it doesn't spit water into the spin cycle.

I haven't decided if I'm going to dye it before I card it or after...we'll just have to see.

Here's a picture of the Homespun Armor Sock. I used purple and orange because I was worried I wouldn't have enough of the purple for two socks if I didn't. I had originally thought it wouldn't matter since that part would be inside a shoe. However, since it is too thick to fit in a shoe and it is now a slipper I am officially Not Caring About It. And if you really believe that, well you mustn't know me that well. Oh, and I am making a matching Armor Sock - it's on the sticks, so to speak.


And a picture of BOTH Railroad Rib socks, to prove I do not suffer from SSS.


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