Monday, July 25, 2005

Books, the fleece, and the yarn

I went at Steve Earle for a couple of days, but the lure of Harry Potter (and the fear that someone would spoil the plot for me) made me read my ass off for the past couple of days. I'm done with book six. I liked it. There, that's all you get for now in case you haven't read it yourself. I'm going back to Steve tonight, I've felt rather odd dissing him for a sixteen-year-old fictional character.

The fleece is begging to be dyed, and carded. I'm going to try Kool-aid first, because it's cheap and dye it first and blend some colors while I card. I hope to go to my favorite LYS and get carders this weeked - yea! The next couple of days are busy for me, so maybe Thursday will be Fun with Dye Night.

I have made no progress on any of my knitting this weekend (the first one since mid- January) and it is really weird. I'm on the home stretch of the sock and the scarf, so I need to get back at it. My hands have had a good rest, so they'd better not complain when the knitting starts up again.

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