Wednesday, June 22, 2005


A friend brought Erin a little mini “boombox.” It is her first radio and she is completely enamored of it. She has been carrying it everywhere and listening to it TOO LOUD. I, being the control freak that I am, would only let my children listen to jazz during the talk-radio-crap hours of 8a-10a. After that they get to listen to classic rock.

Yesterday, at every available moment during the day they would take the radio outside and dance or just play while listening to it. Bowen and Morgan have been making Horns of Gondor with some horns that Bowen found in a friend’s out-building (it was at one time a wall ornament). Morgan saw potential for this object and promptly banged the shit out of it until he freed one of the horns from it’s hideous mooring. Now, all it needed was a hole in the small end and he could have a horn. This is not as easily accomplished as one would imagine. There was a saw and a drill and still no hole in the small end. There was also a lot of oog that came out in the washing and it smelled really terrible. Morgan is now a proud carrier of a rudimentary, albeit useless, Horn of Gondor.

Bowen has not been so fortunate. The other horn is more solidly attached to the hideous wood block that has held it for who knows how long. Bowen, Morgan, and Erin were outside with a hammer, nails, screws, and the radio. I hear the hammering and the discussion about how best to detach the horn while Led Zepplin is blaring “Whole Lotta Love” from the radio and feel like I’m glimpsing into the future when they will be working on a car, or a motorcycle, or a pod racer for all I know. It totally freaked me out for a second. I have had other glimpses into the future, but none so clear and precise. Add to this scene Erin dancing while watching herself in the glass on the storm door and you can imagine my panic…

The sad news is that the horn is STILL attached, despite all efforts. Tomorrow, we’re taking a saw to it.

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