Thursday, July 21, 2005

The parts I left out about the fleece...

It was my first time washing a fleece. I would just like to say Eowyn was incredibly excited about the box and followed the sheepy-smelling bag of wool all over (and licked her lips, which makes me think getting a couple of sheep might be a bad idea with my dog). Also, washing the fleece in the large galvanized bucket was difficult. I wanted to find something bigger than a regular bucket to haul water out with, so I dumped one of the boys' toy buckets and used that. I used three of those and one huge pot of boiling water off the stove. While the fleece was soaking I'd read the new Harry Potter. When I needed to change buckets I hoisted the fleece in a mesh laundry bag and let it hang on one of the branches of my ornamental cherry tree (it worked well, but got a few looks from passersby). After all that I spun the fleece out in the washer and spread it out on Bowen's bed on towels. I also shut the bedroom door so the dog wouldn't get all cozy on it, or try and ingest it - it's kind of hard to tell with her sometimes. It looks quite lovely this morning. I didn't sort it out like I've read I should. I'm thinking of posting a Stupid Question to my spindlers group: Can't I just cut the gross, matted parts off and then spin them? I am sure there is a good reason for not doing this, I just don't know what it is.

New dilemma: The Steve Earle biography, Hardcore Troubadour arrived in the mail today. Do I finish The Final Frontiersman by James Campbell (which is good, but it's not Steve Earle), read some more Harry Potter (also good, but not Steve Earle), or settle in with Steve. Yep, my thoughts exactly - Steve it is. Dig the hell out of him. I'll leave you with a quote of him as well: I have a low tolerance for mediocrity in music and life. I'm into pain and joy, and the in-between doesn't interest me.

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