Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hero crush over?

I haven’t been doing so much knitting or spinning in the last week. I did try dyeing with Kool-Aid in the microwave I used a dog comb on my fleece, tied bunches of it, and proceeded to dye. I felted the ends of one of the bunches (I swished when I shouldn’t have – I have a natural inclination to swish). The colors will probably be cool once they are spun, but my one spindle is full of mohair/Romney and I’m only about halfway through seven ounces.

The spinning from the lock on the wheel is very nice. I’ve been using washed fleece and after it’s spun I’m going to try dyeing it. My inspiration is all those cool sock yarns. The spot dying method is calling to me.

I finished Steve Earle’s biography Hardcore Troubadour tonight. I read somewhere (from a fan) that is isn’t flattering. It is not. I still think he’s fucking brilliant, and better off drugs than on, but Good Lord what life! I cannot even begin to imagine being a family member, lover, wife, band mate, or friend of his while he was in the grip of an intense drug habit. He blew through money and wives like water through a sieve. Maybe his fifties will be a period of relative calm, and hopefully prolific songwriting.

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