Saturday, August 20, 2005

Two WIPs are now FOs...yea!

I had a burst of I-must-finish-a-project-or-go-crazy a couple weeks ago and I finished two in one day! I am very pleased with the finished Midwest Moonlight "scarf" that is more like a stole. It is soft, interestingly textured, and purple...sigh.


The back view:


And another pair of socks. In Fortissima superwash wool. I didn't do much ribbing so they're rather slouchy.

Bowen was camera-man for the shoot and sort of neglected toes and ribbing, but it's not bad for a boy with almost no camera experience. Here he is relaxing after a hard day...


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Fiber addikt said...

Wow, Rochelle, great projects and a cute son too! Congratulations on getting TWO projects done! When I grow up I want to do just as well. :)