Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oath of a Fiber Freak

I, being of sound mind and body - right now, while I'm at least three feet away from a skein of yarn and am only two tabs away on the web from an online ys - do solemly swear to finish at least two of my WIPs before I start another project.

I am about half through my Cozy shawl from It called for silk, but I did it in bamboo. It has a very nice drape, and although it is difficult to see the pattern in black, I am now quite pleased witht the overall effect. If I would focus only on this project I could be so done by now.

Cozy shawl

One of my other projects will be the lovely Midwst Moonlight scarf that I will most likely end up gifting. The merino is incredibly soft (Goddess Yarns, Emanuella), but since it is so hot here in the south it is not really a summer knitting project.

Midwest Moonlight Scarf

And when I finish spinning the roving, I will finish knitting my first yarn (qualifies as a novelty yarn by texture, I think).

First spun

We'll see how long the oath lasts.

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