Sunday, June 05, 2005

The beginning of the summer whining...

Today is to be the first truly hot day of the summer - in the 90s. This is the official beginning of my Whining Season. I, a former Minnesotan (from the far north, no less) have acclimated to the wussy winters of the south (and have gotten quite wussy myself - 40 is now cold to me), but not the hot, humid summers. I languish in summer. I pout, whine, and get incredibly grumpy in the summer. I lived without central air for many years here and while I dispise the shock of going from air conditioning to the hot outdoors, I now have central air and would not live without it again. I usually keep the thermostat set on 80 in the summer - all I really need the a/c to do is take the humidity out of the air and I'm fine.

My personal take on the whole thing is: if you are cold you can always add more layers to get warm; but if you're so hot you're naked, what else can you do? I used to take showers and stand in front of a fan. It works ok, until you get dressed. I've also tried putting ice cubes on my head and it is also ok but wet, and ice cubes don't really travel well. Oh, and not moving - when I'm too hot to move, so I don't, but then when I have to move I'm sweat-stuck to whatever I was not moving on - ew! You may well ask why I stay in this climate if it is not for me - that is so much of a story I can't even begin to do it justice right now.

Right now I've got all the windows open and I'm sitting here in a tank top with sweat gathering in my various crevices. SO not pretty. When I try to knit the yarn snags on my perspiring fingers, so I gave up for a while. Since it's only 10a I'm holding out on the a/c until it hits the high 80s. I've been cleaning to Bob Marley instead. Getting sweaty while cleaning makes me feel more productive. Later, the kids and I are going to head out to a river where we will be eaten by mosquitos, but I can knit with my feet in a river so I will be ok. I'm hoping the bamboo yarn won't be as snaggy as the wool in the heat.

Mojitos anyone?

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