Friday, June 10, 2005


Oh my, now I've got a new hobby...spinning! I took a class last night in high whorl spinning and loved it. I've been working on my 7 oz of wool/mohair roving like a madwoman. As my friend Angela said last night during the class, "I didn't even know I needed to spin." She was totally loving it too. It's very nice. We had a great teacher, a nice small class size, and within two hours we had some yarn on our cool is that?

I will add a couple pictures of my yarn in a day or so. I've seen some other experienced people's yarn and it looks perfect - mine is very bumpy, irregular, and beginner. Practice, practice, practice. Spinning will give my sore pinky (I hold my knitting funny and have a very sore and stressed out left pinky finger) a break.

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