Sunday, June 19, 2005

The lawnmower wins...

Tried mowing this morning (knitting was to be my reward afterwards) and the mower would start, but then cut off after one or two seconds. Lawn mowers and I do not seem to work well together. Maybe they can feel my dread about them; I worry about mowing too early and waking the neighbors, I don't like the noise, the gas, the smell,etc. I have a nice quiet reel mower, but once the grass gets too long all that happens is the weeds get bent over and they viciously pop back up once you "mow" them.

After checking my choke, priming the engine, and doing the start and die thing like three times I decided to check the web for some lawn mower trouble shooting. Why I thought this would be helpful, I cannot say for sure. My small engine knowledge consists of knowing a mower needs oil and gas (and the oil part is fairly recent). So, sure enough there is a lovely chart and it seems maybe my carburetor needs help. I don't know where or what that is, so really it means I can tell a repair person what the trouble is and its potential cause (which if they are worth their beans, they would know from my mower's symptoms).

I pulled out the reel mower and pushed through the thick weeds and made a patch for my sweet dog, Eowyn. The rest of the yard will have to wait until the mower is repaired.

The sweet Eowyn.


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