Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Juicy Bug Picnic

The Juicy Bug I bought for Chicky from Dana was such a hit I ordered three more. Today they went for a picnic in the garden. Chicky made the transportation arrangements after checking with Polly Pocket that the Juicy Bugs could borrow the car.

juicy bug ride

After a short ride to the garden the Juicy quartet decided to eat under the zinnias. This was Tea Time, which explains the mounds of sugary confections and the lack of fruits and veggies. (Click to enlarge)

perfect spot

Blueberry and Cherries Juicy Bug spilled his tea right away while reaching for some cake.

blueberry and cherry juicy bug

Bedbug was tired, he's always tired, but he ate a little and enjoyed himself before taking a nap on the car ride home.

bed bug

Lemon Orange Juicy Bug had an accident and knocked over the cake, but the five second rule was remembered and all was well.

orange juicy bug

Tiny Pink Dragonfly was just happy to be out of the car and stretch her wings! It was mighty cramped in there.


All in all, it was a fine picnic and they hope to do it again soon.


Nell said...

Those are so cute! Thanks for the link. I have some kids who will be getting Juicy Bugs for their birthdays!

Rochelle said...

They are really sturdy too... worth every penny! If you look through her "sold" section on Etsy you can see her aliens in a ship. I love that one so much!

Kathleen said...

How cute! Just the right size to borrow the Polly-mobile!