Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hail Among the Seedlings...

Holy Hannah did we have a storm today! We were driving home from work/school and the gray clouds were congregated over Hillsborough. I wanted to take the kids to LocoPops after a quick post office trip, but I saw the clouds and prepared them for the worst. We weren't in the door five minutes when the winds picked up, thunder and lightening made their presence known, and the rain POURED! Morgan, who is anxious about weather anyway, was seeming more anxious than usual. He had his hoodie on and pulled up over his head, his sunglasses, his pillow, and was lying under a blanket in the hall weeping. I went and stretched out beside him (while an anxious dog walked on me) and tried to find out why this storm was so much worse for him (don't ever mention the word "tornado" around him). He told me he always gets nervous about them and I said I knew that but this seemed worse and that he has seemed more anxious than normal for the past week or so. He wouldn't look at me and I asked if it had anything to do with Myanmar and China and he said yes. So we talked about how we usually knew when to look out for severe weather, and what we would do. This was a pretty big storm, but not like a cyclone or an earthquake. I gave him my standard line that he doesn't need to worry unless I tell him to do so and then I'll be leading the worrying crusade! He came out of the hall but still needed hugs whenever the storm surged. When the hail came along, he was torn between enjoying it and being completely terrified.

Here's some hail in our "flower pot" - there's some rogue chicken weed in it too. These pictures are taken through windows with screens (sorry) but the good camera is not going outside in a storm!

hail in a flower pot

Here's the hail among the seedlings:

hail among the seedlings

You get the idea. Hail. Rain. Lots of rain.

Yesterday, when it was sunny, Chicky modeled the finished Noro Hat. Pattern by Saarje de Bruijn. (Ravelry link to her popular project page). It took a little over one skein of Noro Silk Garden Lite and all the kids wanted it. That one is mine, but I'll make theirs out of yarn I dye myself (no silk on heads of people that LOSE handknits).

noro hat front

I'm motoring away on the Girl's Best Friend Anklets (pattern KnitPicks). The yarn is Sunshine Yarns merino/silk in Salem (browns). I'm on the last row of the cuff and on to the st st. I really like the pattern and will probably do another pair in a lighter color so the pattern shows up a little better. Again, this is yesterday's picture and I was only about half-way through the cuff. You can get an idea of the diamond pattern.

girl's best friend anklets

I finally finished Memoirs of a Geisha, and I liked it and was totally absorbed by it, but also horrified at the same time. I still can't get over how many people have been and still are bought and sold in our world. I doubt I'll see the movie of the same name, though. I don't want to spoil my mental image.

The Kite Runner is the newest on the night stand. I hear it's heartbreakingly good and has been highly recommended by a reader with similar taste, so I'm proceeding.

Bed, and just one more row on the socks - are calling to me.


Kathleen said...

I've been busy spinning "Squidge" and having a blast! It's the first time I've spun merino and I love it. I've been reading about other people's merino woes, but I love the rovings I got from you! It's spinning up into yarn that looks like it's from a pastel flower garden! Pictures tomorrow, after I get fresh camera batteries.

Rochelle said...

I love spinning merino too - it is so smooth. Are you spinning it on a wheel or a drop spindle? I can't wait to see pictures!